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  • What's the difference to Kloeys.Cloud and Archivum.Cloud?

Kloeys.Cloud is for the usage of real time applications like Gmail, word-processor and file sync or file sharing. Archivum.Cloud is better suited for archiving and libraries purpose and has the highest security on access level. Both have the most safest way to approach Cloud Storage.

  • Can the two cloud services be purchased separate?

Yes, because a school or university might like to game up their level in collaboration between the students and and teachers with Kloeys.Cloud. The high level to store their documents or files is very sufficient. However, a Law firm, Notary, Financial institute or HR department needs the highest level of security. All measurements to prevent leaking of information or hacking, Archivum.Cloud has a higher standard login procedure. In order to meet both standards, we have separated the cloud platforms. Either way, Cloud Computing at its best!

  • Can clients have control over their cloud infrastructure?

Yes, and we prefer that! After implementation of the required platform some of our clients only need Kloeys to give remote support, support onsite or just on calculated project hours. But since there is a frequent change of staff member on work placements, management-directors prefer that our Information Specialist monitor their workspace on the background as a administrator (SuperUser). In this case we give full support to the appointed administrator, offsite or onsite. 

  • We need advise on how to meet the GDPR standards in our organization. Do we need to be a client to be advised by Kloeys Information Specialist?

No. Our Information Specialist is always available to make a quick scan of your business. Most often within an hour things are clear enough to make on offer as advise. No strings attached! Kloeys Information Specialist is a free support service that can be benefit by our clients who are using Kloeys Cloud Services.

  • What does the name Kloeys represent?

In Latin-Greek Kloeys means: 'Metal case with a sturdy lock to store precious things' or more clear 'a box or cabinet protected against burglary and fire'.The name Kloeys suits us quite well, as we do seal our workspaces....


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