Customized, Enterprise Cloud Solutions


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Kloeys.Cloud offers the safest and most solid foundation for your organization to work anytime-anywhere in the cloud. From file sharing to archiving, while using your mobile phone or laptop you are always 'at the office'.

While we can rely on world's #1 cloud platform, Kloeys offer the most solid foundation to create your workspace. Together with our Information Specialist your administration has never been more organized.

We provide secure file storage, synchronization and sharing for every use case and budget. 

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Archivum.Cloud is an additional service to offer your organization the most secure storage and archive solutions. Our encryption method will lock up your archive, even tighter than Fort Knox.

The highest level of security and file protection, our security travels fully encrypted with your files over the internet.  

Kloeys Information Specialist will advise you accordingly to meet the standards on granting access to staff members.

The unique file-level protection makes cybersecurity a more easy job for an administrator to fight an ransomware attack.

Kloeys.Com by | a trustee of Roethof Holding Roethof Beheer BV

Kloeys Information Specialist has its focus on the information flow in your organization. The Information Specialist is a free support service to clients who using Kloeys Cloud Services. Most often as an administrator of the platform, as in this position we are able to monitor 24/7 the information flow within your company. 

From training staff members to work smoothly with the cloud apps, giving juridical advise on archive management, privacy policy or else - Kloeys Information Specialists have the expertise to customize and personalize your business on data protection.