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Our Approach

 Whether you need to enable personal productivity, facilitate team collaboration, or mobilize and transform your entire business, Kloeys workspace is the best choice for secure file collaboration. 

Again, we run our Cloud Storage platform on the most reliable and powerful players in the IT industry like Google and Blackberry. Business!

News that matters

Our blog is not only for the purpose to update you about latest news in Cloud Computing. We also share Tips&Tricks to pave your way to personal productivity and team collaboration.  

Experiencing difficulties to implement the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Kloeys informationspecialist can advise to make your business audit-proof. Business!

Our potential customers

All of our customers work with highly sensitive data, and keeping this data secure is critical. Lawyers, Universities, or a Doctor's practice, we have treat them all with the same confidentiality and discretion which have created mutual trust. 

We do believe that our discretion and loyalty makes potential customers turn into loyal ones. Business!

All-in-One service

We do not run our business on just nice deals. But we certainly have a all-in-one service that no one in the industry can meet. Each contract we present does not only include the full support of our informationspecialist onsite. 

Kloeys service package also contain an extended Service Level Agreement on the solid cloud platform that our partners as Google and Blackberry represent in Cloud Computing. Business!